Specialist Practitioner Training Course

Abuse & Sexual Violence Practitioner Training Course

Working Creatively with Survivors of Childhood Abuse & Sexual Violence


Many clients presenting for counselling with emotional, relationship or behavioural issues are in fact victims of abuse during childhood, or other forms of sexual violence and rape. The consequences of such a history are complex and far reaching for them, their friends, family, partners and society.

Do you have knowledge of the specific and unique traumagenic dynamics and other issues related to abuse and sexual violence?

Have you the specialist skills required to safely and effectively counsel such victims and bring about lasting resolution?

Would you like to work creatively and confidently to meet the individual needs of such victims?

The DABS Practitioner Training Course has been developed over many years and is delivered by a counsellor and trainer with over 20 years of knowledge and therapeutic experience.

The training is designed to be used by counsellors and therapists who come from a broad range of theoretical backgrounds.  It enables counsellors to incorporate its resources and information with their own personal style.

This course is unique in its mix of theoretical and experiential elements. You will learn to use imaginative approaches within a sound and safe ethical framework.

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Books List

DABS has composed a list of around 450 titles categorized according to who they are aimed at and the subject matter they explore.

There are books for survivors and victims of abuse and sexual violence and who may be experiencing additional issues as a result. Other books are aimed at professionals working in this field.




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The information sheets have been carefully designed to address the main issues of abuse and sexual violence. They cover issues such as seeking a counsellor, forgiveness, active listening, assertiveness, support for parents and partners and taking legal action.





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