The Directory

The DABS National Resource Directory and accompanying resources are now freely and easily available for all to access in PDF format.

 The Directory is a comprehensive resource publication which lists over 650 services, groups and organisations in the UK & Ireland that specialise in areas of abuse and sexual violence. There are services for children and young people, those with disabilities, learning disabilities and for those working with perpetrators.


General Permission is granted for the purpose of supplying free of charge information to those outside your organisation, but only to:

Individual victims

Individual helpers, including Individual professionals. 

In addition to the full Directory there are Information pages listed below on various topics.

***Latest update July 2020***


Please click on the icons below to access:


The DABS Directory 

pdf-file The DABS National Resource Directory 

Press the control button (cmd key on Macs) and f key to start the find tool and type in the service or area you wish to search. Go to page 24 of the Directory for more details.




Information sheets

pdf-file Childhood Abuse

pdf-file Childhood sexual abuse and incest

pdf-file Rape and other serious acts of sexual violence

pdf-file Domestic abuse and violence

pdf-file Guidance for parents of abused children/ young people

pdf-file Guidance for partners/ friends/ family

pdf-file Active Listening

pdf-file Counselling Guidance 

pdf-file Self-help groups

pdf-file The healing process

pdf-file Assertiveness

pdf-file Forgiveness

pdf-file Legal Actions

pdf-file Press and media protocol

pdf-file Support for those concerned about their sexual feelings