DABS Pathfinder Counsellors

All DABS Pathfinder Counsellors are professionals who work in the fields of Childhood Abuse, Domestic and Sexual Violence. They are committed to providing help and information to:

Victims or survivors of childhood abuse, incest or rape.

Partners, family or friends needing to know more about these issues, wondering if and how they can help and recognising that they may also need support.

Voluntary and professional workers looking for information to assist clients or those they are working with, or who themselves are searching for training and courses.

We work within our Code of Ethics and Practice which covers aspects relevant to your contact with the DABS Pathfinder Service. A copy of this will be sent on request.

We are also members of BACP www.bacp.co.uk

DABS has a 24-hour answer-phone service.

Calls to this number between 9am and 9pm may be answered personally; otherwise you will be invited to try later or to leave a message. All voicemail messages will be answered.

For your safety, please consider using a personal and private number.

The Counsellor you speak with is there to listen and help you access the most suitable assistance for you in your circumstances but our service is not intended to be ongoing support. Details of other organisations that offer such support will be given if you wish.

You will receive information about many aspects to do with childhood abuse, childhood sexual abuse, incest, sexual violence, rape and domestic violence. The information is for you and may be useful to others that support you.

You will receive information on all the known helping organisations and groups offering a national service and those in your area.

You will receive information on issues to consider if you wish to seek outside help such as counselling or joining a group. This will include questions you may find useful to ask when making your enquiries.

If you would prefer not to call a Counsellor, but you would still like to receive information you can:

Email us your request to: dabs@btinternet.com

Or: Send a text message request, including your name, address and post code to our helpline number.


The DABS Pathfinder service is confidential so if you do not want the information sent to an address that is not safe please provide secure details. Using a third party such as a friend or counsellor may be an option.

The Directory

We are now producing the Directory exclusively in an easy to use PDF format

The DABS National Resource Directory lists over 650 organisations across the UK and Ireland .

These are arranged according to location and services offered. National organisations are also represented. There are services that work with adults, children, males, females, perpetrators and also those that provide accommodation and helpline services.

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Books List

DABS has composed a list of around 450 titles categorized according to who they are aimed at and the subject matter they explore.

There are books for survivors and victims of abuse and sexual violence and who may be experiencing additional issues as a result. Other books are aimed at professionals working in this field.




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The information sheets have been carefully designed to address the main issues of abuse and sexual violence. They cover issues such as seeking a counsellor, forgiveness, active listening, assertiveness, support for parents and partners and taking legal action.





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