DABS Pathfinder

DABS Pathfinder is a signposting service that provides free support and information all over the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland to anyone and any organisation regarding issues to do with childhood abuse, incest and sexual violence.

DABS Pathfinder Counsellors are qualified professionals who work in this field. They are committed to providing confidential information and help to:

Victims or survivors of incest or rape.


Partners, family or friends needing to know more about these issues, wondering if and how they can help and recognising that they may also need support.


Voluntary and professional workers looking for information to assist clients or those they are working with, or who themselves are searching for training and courses.


DABS Pathfinder is not a dedicated listening helpline. Instead we exist to help callers access the information and resources that they need to in their particular circumstances.

Some people as a result turn to counselling, exploring self-help books or joining support groups.  Feedback proves thats the service has been invaluable in supporting people to make positive steps forward in their lives.


DABS Pathfinder is not a charity and all the organisational running costs are absorbed by the volunteer counsellors. The service is entirely free ~ we do not require or request donations.

To speak with a DABS Pathfinder counsellor, call us (number on home page).

Answer machine service in use and messages will be responded to. 

Text messaging service also available on this number. 

Books List

DABS has composed a list of around 450 titles categorized according to who they are aimed at and the subject matter they explore.

There are books for survivors and victims of abuse and sexual violence and who may be experiencing additional issues as a result. Other books are aimed at professionals working in this field.




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The information sheets have been carefully designed to address the main issues of abuse and sexual violence. They cover issues such as seeking a counsellor, forgiveness, active listening, assertiveness, support for parents and partners and taking legal action.





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