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Carolyn Spring Training

Please visit:  to discover training courses being offered on many different topics including trauma, shame and dissociation. 


When a house stops being a home

Four women share their experience of feeling unsafe in their own home.


Stop it now! Campaign

In the last year, over 35,000 people in the UK sought anonymous help from Stop it Now! to stop viewing sexual images of children online. Police estimate that 100,000 people in the UK view and share online sexual images of children. The Stop it Now! campaign tackles online offending by offering confidential, anonymous support to help people stop. Please visit for more information.


The Truth Project

The Truth Project was set up for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse to share their experiences in a supportive and confidential setting.

It’s part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) which was set up in 2015 to investigate organisations and institutions that have failed to protect children from sexual abuse. We need to understand the past to help protect children now and in the future.

By sharing their experiences, victims and survivors make an important contribution to the work of the Inquiry and their experiences will feed into and influence our findings and recommendations.

For more information visit: 



Are you looking for CPD for your counselling centre, SARC, NHS department, or Rape Crisis Centre? We are about to launch our new DVD pack, and it could be the answer to your problems! (Well, maybe not all of them.)

We've taken our online training course 'Dissociation and DID: The Fundamentals' (see above) and packaged it into a format that is suitable for group delivery and/or for individuals to work through on their own, offline.

The pack contains a memory stick with an easy-to-use interface for watching the videos, listening to the audio and accessing the additional reading, as well as an audio CD-ROM version (for listening to in the car, or where a projector isn't available), and five copies of our 'Fundamentals' Additional Information Booklet, five copies of our Dissociation Resource Guide, blank certificates, and printable buzz group worksheets and handouts.

There is also a 'Trainer's Guide', which shows you exactly how to make best use of the pack, and provides suggested timings for running the training in a one-day format or over several evenings.

In other words, we've tried to make it as comprehensive but as easy as possible for you to deliver our training in a group setting but without us having to be present.

Priced at £350 for a site licence, you can run the training as many times as you like to as many people as you like, so it's a very cost effective option.

Available mid-February.



Further training resources available to purchase by PODS

These online courses utilise recordings of the training days of the same titles which ran throughout the UK over a number of years. They have been adapted to an online environment and can be watched on your own or as part of a group. Upon completion, a CPD certificate is downloadable.

The training is divided up into three or more sessions, each containing a number of lessons. There is a video of the PowerPoint presentation alongside the audio recording, buzz group questions, links to further information, articles to read and PDF resources including the handouts (in regular and large print), a buzz groups workbook, and the Additional Information Booklet. The video and/or audio can be streamed or downloaded for offline use.

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Draw a line Campaign

UN Women works to change the lives of survivors and prevent future violence all over the world. They work at the highest level, alongside governments to implement laws that will protect women, but also locally, in villages, towns and cities, to change behaviour and empower people of all genders to take a stand. They aim to change the way the world works for women.

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Trauma Bookshop on Amazon

Many of you are aware of our PODS Shop, where we make available resources which we have published ourselves, both direct from our office and also fulfilled by Amazon.

But what about other resources? That's where our new PODS Trauma Bookstore comes in. We've listed all the books on our Top 50 (link) Books on Trauma and Dissociation, as well as other categories including working with children and the impact of trauma on the body.

The books link directly to Amazon and provide you with an easy way to find the top resources on trauma, as well as providing us with a small affiliate commission for every purchase you make - at no cost to you.

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