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The Directory

We are now producing the Directory exclusively in an easy to use PDF format

The DABS National Resource Directory lists over 500 organisations across the UK and Ireland .

These are arranged according to location and services offered. National organisations are also represented. There are services that work with adults, children, males, females, perpetrators and also those that provide accommodation and helpline services.

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The information sheets have been carefully designed to address the main issues of abuse and sexual violence. They cover issues such as seeking a counsellor, forgiveness, active listening, assertiveness, support for parents and partners and taking legal action.






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Books List

DABS has composed a list of around 450 titles categorized according to who they are aimed at and the subject matter they explore.

There are books for survivors and victims of abuse and sexual violence and who may be experiencing additional issues as a result. Other books are aimed at professionals working in this field.





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DABS is offering specialist practitioner training independently accredited by the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB)

The course is a Level 5 Diploma in Working Creatively with Survivors of Childhood Abuse & Sexual Violence.

DABS are currently looking for partners to deliver our Training programme




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Welcome to DABS - A Resource and Support Organisation

DABS 24hr Answer Phone Helpline Number:


DABS is mainly engaged with the production and publication of the DABS Resource Directory. The Directory contains details of over 500 voluntary groups and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland and is updated regularly and available to purchase on licence.

Also included in the Directory are information sheets on various topics related to aspects of abuse and sexual violence for victims and their supporters.

***Notice: Some very good news***

We are now in the position to phase out our licencing system for access to our Directory and associated resources.

They will soon be freely available to read and download from our site.

This may take two or three months to achieve, however from now on we are no longer requiring or accepting any payments for this service.

The Directory contains a book list of around 450 titles on related subjects. This is broken into sections so that books on specific subjects and areas are collated together. A further DABS service is the Pathfinder Helpline, a signposting service that provides free support and information all over the U.K. and Ireland to anyone and any organisation regarding issues to do with childhood abuse, incest and rape. We provide web space for other organisations to publicise their events.


We are independently accredited by CPCAB (the Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body) to offer specialised practitioner training: Level 5 Diploma in Working Creatively with Survivors of Childhood Abuse & Sexual Violence.

DABS is essentially a not-for-profit organisation with any surplus funds being used to improve the quality of the service we provide. DABS is not a charity and therefore we do not ask for donations.


We hope you find the information on this site helpful.

Please do get in touch if you have an queries or comments.


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